Photo By David R oebbelen

Photo By David Roebbelen

 Thanks for the visit! My Name is Bill and that's Freyja to my left. 

People hire us to turn their stories into films and photographs.

I started A Life's Work Studio to celebrate people who are living their highest calling.

For the past decade I've told peoples stories from the perspective of a journalist, reality tv show producer, commercial director, and documentary filmmaker. Today I've merged these into your personal brand photographer and filmmaker and am looking forward to creating remarkable gifts with you to:

  • establish thought leadership
  • supercharge your social media presence.
  • Provide high quality portrait's and lifestyle photography that proudly shares you and your work online.

Whether you've just recently found your passion or have been working it for years, I'd be honored to produce photos and films to help you be you online. 

--Bill Delano